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As a hiker, a lifelong equestrian and a master naturalist, I have spent many hours outside and frequently in the company of horses or dogs.  This has heightened my appreciation and love of the natural world and I endeavor to bring this passion into my artwork.


I have a BFA of Art and have been a lifelong career artist as an art director, an art teacher and as a multi-media artist.  My skill set allows me to utilize a variety of art styles and art mediums from oil paints, acrylics, watercolors, pastel chalks, inks and graphite pencils.


My pet portraits are intended to provide my clients with that keepsake memory of a treasured animal that has been a family member for far too brief a time.  Similarly, my equestrian themed artwork captures the partnership of horse and rider in equestrian sporting events or gives a behind the scenes look at life with horses.


If you would like to see more artworks or have questions about the possibility of a commissioned painting then please contact me.

- Laurie Sullivan

Artist's Statement

Photo by Pat Girard

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